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Human Resources Director

Titles can also include Human Resources Business Partner or Human Resources Manager


  • Involved in the day-to-day activities of recruiting and onboarding of new employees; maintenance of interview schedules and exit interviews; development of recruitment plans and creation of evaluation standards in sync with good HR practices and labor laws.
  • Works closely with other department heads to identify employment needs and create job postings.
  • Monitors any disputes; suggests changes in procedures and policies as needed and develops employee training.
  • Makes certain the station meets all local, state and federal labor laws relating to the creation of a safe, equitable work environment.
  • Helps keep employee morale high and creates a positive work environment that contributes to the retention of good talent.
  • May be involved with monitoring employee health plans and benefits packages.


  • Good verbal and written communications skills are essential.

Experience Level

  • Most in this post have bachelor's degrees, ideally in human resources, education, business management or a related field.
  • Certification is not required but is considered value-added. Three of the most common certifications are Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Professional of Human Resources (PHR) and Certified Employment Benefits Specialist (CEBS).

Very large station groups might have a regional human resources director (often at a vice president level) who oversees this function at multiple stations, with a less senior HR professional working locally. Smaller stations might just have a human resources manager in the HR function.