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Multimedia Personality


  • Creates and delivers content across multiple platforms including on-air, online and social media.
  • May host podcasts and develop social media content that might be aired on such platforms as YouTube.
  • Cultivates a fan base of their own, as well as appeals to station's fan base.
  • Voices and produces station commercials.


  • Strong verbal and written communications skills.
  • Skilled in the technology and equipment needed to create visual and audio content, including strong shooting and editing skills.
  • Knowledge of software related to editing and production.

Experience level

  • Bachelor's degree in mass communications or similar area of study.

The digital explosion has created a need for multimedia personalities (MMP) to be part of the talent mix at a number of stations. More stations are employing an MMP as part of their talent roster. The MMP is not only involved with audio content, but also visual content that's used to attract new and retain existing audiences. A demo or show reel is a must-have for employment. Many colleges have specific courses for training people to become MMPs and provide internship programs, which are great ways to get in the door.