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Controller (Or Vice President - Finance)


  • Monitors station spending to ensure appropriate cost controls and has responsibility for all accounting-related activities, including assisting with the preparation of the operating budget.
  • Oversees financial reporting and payroll.
  • Works with department heads to ensure budgets are prepared on time and has accurate historical and real-time data.
  • Oversees credit and collections, fixed-asset and lease accounting, as well as facilities administration.


  • Detail-oriented individuals with strong analytical skills, leadership capabilities and a deep understanding of financial principles.

Experience Level

  • Requires a degree in finance or related field, and five or more years' financial management experience.
  • Prior experience in broadcasting is strongly preferred.
  • Many have a CPA license.
  • Previously served as chief financial officers or vice presidents of finance in other industries.

Bigger stations also may have teams of staff accountants, at both senior and junior levels, supporting the controller function.

Smaller stations might have consolidated the accounting function into just one or two roles. Instead of a controller, the station might only have a senior accounting manager (also called a business manager) and perhaps this individual is aided by an assistant accountant.